Federica De Majo

Federica De Majo was born on the 7th of January 1993 in Venice (Italy). In July 2014, Federica achieved her Bachelor degree in Molecular Biology at University of Padova (Italy). She received her Master Degree in Health Biology at University of Padova in September 2016; in the last year of the Master, she performed her internship in the laboratory of Dr. Libero Vitiello to study “THP-1 cells as a substitute of monocytederived primary macrophages: secretome analysis and functional studies in three cell types involved in muscle regeneration”. In November 2016 she started working as a research fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Luisa Gorza: the project she worked on had macrophages as key study subjects too, but in the context of muscular atrophy characterising the aging process. Federica will join Maastricht University as a PhD student on July 1st 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Leon de Windt and she will work on an interdisciplinary research program that aims to exploit the power of RNA biology to fight ageing-related cardiovascular diseases.