Dutch Heart Foundation Grant to Paula da Costa Martins

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS (21-07-2010) - Paula da Costa Martins, Assistant Professor at the dept. of Cardiology received a grant of the Dutch Heart Foundation (NHS) on her research proposal: “The embryonic transcription factor HAND2 (dHAND) regulates left and right ventricular remodeling towards dilated cardiomyopathy”.
Every year the Dutch Heart Foundation honors a few very talented researchers with promising projects, as a way to promote cardiovascular research in the Netherlands and to stimulate young talented investigators to further develop in their career. The grant is awarded for 4 years and
Paula da Costa Martins will use this NHS grant to investigate the role of an embryonic transcription factor, HAND2, in adult onset cardiac remodeling and heart failure. The knowledge derived from these studies may have important future implications for the management of heart failure patients, but will also have ramifications for the fundamental understanding of the biological processes underlying heart failure. Her granted research proposal considers the following key objectives: 1) Establish the molecular mechanisms of the transcriptional regulation of Hand2 expression in the (failing) adult myocardium; 2) Detailed characterization of mouse gain- and loss-of-function models for Hand2 function in left and right ventricular remodeling and identification of genes that are subject of transcriptional regulation by HAND2; 3) Population-based studies of HAND2-related polymorphisms.